Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Evening Sky

The sky was mostly overcast all day today. And I love clouds. Since I moved to Santa Fe 18 years ago my appreciation for the sky and clouds had grown immensely. So early this morning I took a few pictures of the sky before heading off to work. And as soon as I got home I went out and took quite a few more. It was mostly cloudy with a little of the beautiful New Mexico blue sky peeking out. I was even able to get a few shots of the sun starting to go down and light rays beaming through holes in the clouds. I ended up posting this picture because of the subtle grays and blues - it just calmed me.

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Mark said...

Twinville said...

Me, too. Clouds are just so unique in New Mexico.

Which is probably why two of my favorite artists are special to me bcause of the way they depict NM clouds.

If you've seen any lansdscape art by Doug West or O'Keefe's amazingly huge 'Cloud' painting in the Chicago Art Museum, you know just what I mean.

So, I'm right there with you as a fellow 'cloud lover'.
January 6, 2008 8:12 PM