Friday, January 18, 2008

Stairway to . . . Nowhere!

Years ago Thomas put up this spiral staircase on the property. It just sits there in the middle of the land with absolutely no purpose at all. Sometimes I will just climb to the top and sit. Looking out over the property and just relaxing. I did a google search for Stairway to Nowhere and I found this poem. I thought it was interesting and goes with the photo.


Twinville said...

How awesome that this interesting piece of art is on your own property! What a brilliant idea!

Did you have to concrete it in, so it would be more sturdy to climb on?
Can you tell I'm impressed? hehe

It also kind of reminds me of that famous staircase in the Loretto Chapel.

You really should consider getting a plaque made with that "Stairway to Nowhere" poem. You're right, it fits perfectly.

Mark said...

Yes, it is cemented in and very sturdy!

Twinville said...

Ok, call me wacky! But I'm picturing a posed photo of you or Thomas sitting on the top of this stairway, ala Rodin's 'The Thinker'!

Ok, I dare you!! (wink)