Monday, January 7, 2008

Stark Contrast

I woke up this morning to a beautiful snowfall. It wasn't deep but the ground was completely white. I love watching the snowfall. I just think that the way the snowflakes fall is so graceful. Since it was actually snowing I decided to bundle up and go for a walk. That's another favorite thing of mine - walking in the snow. We have an arroyo a little ways behind the house. I haven't been out there in quite a few years. I had a wonderful two hour walk and ended up taking over 100 pictures. It was so peaceful, surrounded completely by white. I picked one photo for my picture for today but I had so many others that I decided to do a Snow Day slide show.


John and Diane said...

Ooohh, lovely photo. Also love both of your cloud pics (today's and a few days ago). Wasn't the snow fun? I had to go for a quick walk in it too-

Twinville said...

There is something so striking about snow blanketing bare branches, as if the branches don't look as bare and are more softened, and somehow more gentle looking.

sha said...

this is a beautiful and soulful photo, Mark! nice work and thanks for sharing your photos with us.